Many people underestimate the impact that a good driveway can have on their property. After all, a driveway provides the initial introduction to your home, so it’s crucial you transmit the perfect first impression. But, with a number of driveway surface options available, this is far from easy. Nonetheless, by taking your budget and the aesthetics of your home into account, you can achieve the perfect driveway. All you need to do is understand what your options are.

Your Driveway Surface Options

As we’ve already mentioned, there are several driveway surface options that you can choose from. To help you get a better understanding of these we’re going to take a look at the most popular ones:

  • Concrete: Made from a combination of cement, air, sand, water and gravel, concrete is a highly strong and versatile material. Although it’s far from eye-catching, concrete can provide you with a straightforward driveway solution.

Benefits of Concrete:

    • Relatively cheap compared to other materials, so it’s perfect where budgets are tight
    • Highly durable and weather resistant
    • Maintenance free


  • Gravel: Available in a wide range of sizes, gravel is a loose collection of smooth rock fragments which are relatively small. Numerous options are available when it comes to gravel such as consistency and colour. It also provides a satisfying crunch underfoot.

Benefits of Gravel:

    • Sophisticated look which fits perfectly with houses in the country and high-value properties
    • Budget friendly
    • The sound it creates acts as a security deterrent


  • Asphalt: Created using the viscous liquid bitumen – the same material used for laying roads – asphalt may appear basic, but it provides a solid solution for any driveway.

Benefits of Asphalt:

    • Cheap and relatively easy to lay
    • Asphalt is highly flexible and this makes it resistant to the pressures of ice and snow
    • Long lasting and durable


  • Permeable Block Paving: Constructed from materials such as concrete and paving stones, permeable block paving produces a smart finish to complement your home’s aesthetics.

Benefits of Permeable Block Paving:

    • The permeable materials allow water to drain away and eliminate driveway puddles
    • If a block becomes damaged then it’s quick and easy to replace
    • Available in a wide range of colours and patterns


  • Resin Bound Surfaces: A number of different materials, such as gravel, can be coated with resin to create either a bonded or bound driveway surface.

Benefits of Resin Bound Surfaces:

    • Provides a sleek and consistent visual aesthetic to your driveway
    • Available in both permeable and impermeable versions
    • Low maintenance
    • Quick installation


  • Natural Stone: One of the more high-end options, when it comes to driveway surfaces, natural stone paving may be expensive, but its visual appeal is undeniable.

Benefits of Natural Stone:

    • Incredibly durable and strong thanks to its natural strength and properties
    • Frost resistant and, therefore, unlikely to suffer cracks and ice damage in the winter
    • Visual aesthetics are long lasting and any gradual changes are unlikely to spoil its appearance


Understanding these options will help to ensure you find the perfect driveway surface for your needs, but if you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our landscaping construction experts.