Spring is here and we have some exciting new landscaping projects lined up!  Over the coming months, we are scheduled to lay patios, transform gardens, build pergolas and outdoor seating areas, and install new driveways for some lovely new clients and one or two returning favourites!

As Winter becomes Spring, our thoughts turn to our outdoor spaces, and if you’re anything like us, you might imagine yourself sitting outdoors with your favourite tipple in hand, surrounded by your favourite plants.

In March, the reality can be quite startling as we step outside, perhaps to hang that first load of washing on the line or to fill our bird feeders for those returning from the South.  This Winter has been a mixture of wet and very cold, and some plants may not have made it through the season.

Should you have any plants that look as though they have perished, simply cut a branch off close to the root and examine the inside.  If there is any green inside, then there is life!  Cut any dead, woody branches down almost to the root (depending on the size and age of the plant – bigger and older you might want to leave a bit more) and it will grow back during April and May.  Cut any dead heads and woody growth off roses, though they can wait a bit longer for a proper prune.  You’ll notice weeds growing, and you may have already cut your lawn!

This is a good time of year to jet wash a patio or decking area – be careful as it may be slippery from the autumn leaf drop.  Check ceramic pots for signs of frost damage, and make sure potted plants have not become root-bound.

Time to start enjoying your garden again!  Let’s hope for a warm Easter.

Spring flowers planted by Harrell landscape gardeners