First impressions count. Whether you’re a property manager, a landlord or the owner of a commercial building, you know that the first impression your clients form of your property or business will begin to develop from the outside. You want your commercial property to quietly convey the message to your clients that you are a business of quality. Such an externally aesthetically appealing property can only increase its value and make it more desirable to tenants.

Commercial landscaping contractor considerations

We have put together a list of six things to consider when you choose your commercial landscaping contractor:

  • Reputation – Do they have associations with any professional bodies, or have any professional accreditations? Making sure that your chosen contractor follows best practice in their work is essential. Look out for good reviews. Some can be bought, some can be faked; it’s important to root out the genuine, helpful ones. Better still, ask the contractor for referees. A diligent contractor will always be happy to provide these.
  • Services – Look carefully at the services they offer. Are they right for you? If they specialise chiefly in turf management and you only have a large car park, they may not be suitable. Think of your property throughout the seasons. If you need winter gritting services, will your grounds maintenance contractor be able to provide them? If you have large trees on the property you will need a contractor who is qualified to safely maintain them or have the professional contacts to do this on their behalf.
  • Health and Safety – Your commercial property should be maintained with the highest standards of Health and Safety in mind. Ask to see their Health and Safety policy and ensure it’s up to date. Do they maintain their equipment? Are their Risk Assessments and Method Statements adequate? Ask to see a copy of their Public Liability Insurance, checking it covers the work you need carrying out.
  • Employees – Good commercial landscaping contractors have spent years training to gain the skills needed to perform outstanding work at each site. They will invest in training their employees to ensure they are working within current industry specifications. Their staff will be motivated and competent to use the equipment necessary to complete the work to the high standard you expect.
  • Equipment – Any good contractor will have the right equipment for the job, and this will be maintained regularly to ensure safe, efficient operation. Always ensure your contractors have the resources to support your requirements.
  • Customer service – Customer service is often overlooked when trying to choose a commercial landscaper. However, during the selection process, take note of how you are dealt with by all members of their staff. A good commercial grounds maintenance contractor will have a dedicated account manager; a single point of contact who will be happy to go above and beyond for you when issues arise. Check their labourers tidy up after themselves and are well-presented. They are representing your company as well as their own.

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